Learn to Meditate and Trust Your Intuition with 6 CD (or downloadable) Program


Jack Canfield the beloved originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, the New York Times Bestselling author of “The Success Principles,” and America’s Number One Success Coach has teamed up with personal evolution and meditation expert Dr. Deb Sandella to bring his success principles directly to you. Most people don’t know that one of Jack’s secrets to his amazing success is a long-standing meditation practice. And… he’s been teaching his students to meditate at his seminars for years. Thousands have benefitted from these empowering meditations and visualizations. Now you can use these meditations to get you where you want to be. Awaken your power with this brand new 6-part audio CD Program guaranteed to activate your inner resources and boost your success quotient.



Awaken Your Power

Become the Master of Your Fate

The Captain of Your Soul…





Longing to feel a deep and genuine inner confidence that makes life easy… causes your decisions and actions to flow wisely and effortlessly … brings a twinkle to your eye… and creates

 success in every area of your life?


Jack Canfield, originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series and the New York Times Bestselling author of “The Success Principles,” and America’s Number One Success Coach has teamed up with personal evolution and meditation expert Dr. Deb Sandella to bring his success principles directly to you.




Awakening Power 6 CD (or Downloadable) Course Contents:


Guide booklet – A 30 page reference booklet to get you started and enhance your journey
(Note: The downloadable version of this product comes with a PDF version of the booklet)


Introduction –- How Visualization and the Law of Attraction works

Meditation 1 –- Basics of How to Meditate and the ‘Inquire Within’ Meditation

Meditation 2 –- Committing and Adjusting to Constant Change

Meditation 3 –- Acknowledging Your Positive Past

Meditation 4 –- Being Clear Why You’re Here

Meditation 5 –- Staying Focused on Your Core Genius

Meditation 6 –- See What You Want, Get What You See

Meditation 7 –- Releasing the Brakes

Meditation 8 –- Acting and Feeling ‘As If’

Meditation 9—Transforming What Isn’t Working

Meditation 10- Believing in Yourself

Meditation 11- Unleashing the Power of Goal Setting



 Don’t wait another minute to awaken your power!


You’ll learn…


            How visualization actually works

Why the Law of Attraction can make you a magnet for good fortune

            How every positive amp in your feelings gets results                     

How to program your inner GPS to take the fast lane to manifesting your goals

            How to create the pleasurable feeling of already having everything you want

How to create success doing what comes so naturally you can’t imagine being paid for it

            How to realize your unique purpose

How invigorating it feels to be in touch with your Greater Self                  



Close your eyes while sitting in a relaxed environment and sense if you are ready for an
out-of-this-world adventure. 

It truly must be experienced-to-be-believed.



How easy it is to fall asleep to your inner greatness.  Focusing on the outside details you forget that inside your body and soul is a treasure chest of riches…

            Insights …

                        Happy Memories …

                                    Intuitive Knowings

                                                Ecstatic Feelings…

                                                            Wise Musings…

                                                                        Peace of Mind…


Listening to Awakening Power will rouse you from this forgetting and remind you of the wealth of resources that live right inside you!  And you didn’t even know it… until Now that is…


Jack’s seminars and trainings have touched millions of individuals from welfare recipients to corporate and world leaders. Most people don’t know that one of Jack’s secrets to his amazing success is a long-standing meditation practice.  And… he’s been teaching his students to meditate at his seminars for years. 
Thousands have benefitted from his empowering meditations and visualizations. 

Now you know Jack’s secret and can bring home these meditations and

use them to get you where you want to be.


And that’s not all!


In addition to Jack’s power-packed visualizations,

you’ll receive Dr. Deb’s mind-expanding meditations resonating with comfort and joy.

Journeying to study with the aborigines of Australia and the native tribes of Peru, her professional
skills have been enlivened with intimate experiences of the dreamtime.  As a pioneer in techniques that break the mind body barrier, she’s created RIM®
, an innovative process that helps you navigate the rim between head and heart… mind and body … where hidden blocks can be re-patterned and you can program
your inner GPS to take the most direct route to
effortless fulfillment of your goals.



Jack and Deb will walk you step-by-step through the Awakening Power process… a process that has been proven to improve healing, health, and good fortune.

You’ll unleash your inner visionary to retrieve clear purpose and activate inspired action!



What People Are Saying About Awakening Power…


It’s like you reached into my soul and massaged it! … Pete, Maryland


Awakening Power has helped me develop a regular practice of meditation and I love it! … Joe, DE


I’ve loved your Awakening Power Program.  It has caused me to be more present and to feel more peaceful in my daily activities.   With this inner state-of-calm, I’m getting more work done, making better decisions, and connecting more deeply with the people around me.  I am so much happier with my life.  I’m very grateful… Joan MN


Since I stopped smoking about 8 months ago after having smoked my adult life, I’ve used Awakening Power meditations regularly to keep me feeling strong and committed.  It has made a remarkable difference in my ability to keep to my intention.  Thank You… Joyce, CA


My wife and I progressed through the Awakening Power program together (even sharing the earphones) and using our insights as a point of shared discussion.  The result has been life changing.  For 17 years, I’d felt trapped into marrying her because she was pregnant.  Yet, there it was… a poignant insight from one of the meditations that revealed marrying her to be one of my greatest successes.  I saw that she has caused me to grow in areas where I’ve needed nudges, and we have 3 amazing children… all of them very talented.  I can’t thank you enough for this healing.  John, AZ


When I bought Awakening Power for my chronically depressed boyfriend I had no idea listening to it everyday for several weeks would lift him out of a depression that had been a plague for years!  Now he listens to it every time he starts to feel blue and his mood shifts.  Wow! …  Alice, CO


The first time I listened to the meditation that revealed my past successes, much to my surprise, I began sobbing.  It took me listening 5 more times before I could actually sense my successes and feel the accomplishment.  Having broken through, I immediately sat down, grabbed a pen and began writing a list of all my successes.  I felt great joy in seeing my list.  I go back and peek at it every so often and I feel the accomplishment all over again.  Martha, Oregon


Having a short meditation that helps me visualize my goals in a quick and deeply felt manner has been extremely valuable.  I’m feeling very positive and good things are beginning to happen.  George, WA


I never thought I could meditate.  When I’ve tried in the past, I just sat there thinking about how stupid this was.  With the awakening Power program, I had a totally different experience.  Hearing Jack and Dr. Deb’s soothing voices guiding me to relax took me into a whole new level of inner vision.  Now I use it all the time!  Jon, New Jersey


I love having meditations with both male and female voices.  As a woman, the balance feels complete and whole and empowering.  Thank you to both of you for creating this project.  Zoe, CA



Get this unmatched collection of classics for the first time ever!




Jack Canfield

Originator of the Chicken Soup For the Soul Series,

contributor to The Secret, and

New York Times Bestselling author.



Deborah Sandella

World Class Facilitator, award-winning author, and

creator of RIM®, an unprecedented method for

re-patterning thoughts and feelings for greater success.

Risk Free!

30 day satisfaction guaranteed!



*Awakening Power Audio Course

Jack Canfield and Dr. Deb Sandella

Includes 6 CDs (or Downloadable) with 11 unique guided meditations, along with an instructional booklet and presentation on How Visualization and the Law of Attraction Work. Enhances your health, decreases stress and heightens intuition.


Get results by simply listening 15 minutes daily. We guarantee it!


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Deborah Sandella's Releasing the Inner Magician Method is a powerful way to tap your intuitive genius and live your purpose with passion. She is a skilled and knowledgeable guide who knows exactly how to unleash the power of one's unconscious for greater success.
Jack Canfield
Co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series
and The Success Principles™